Alex Csaky

Alex comes from London and is inspired by his late Slovene grandfather who, having moved to Britain after World War 2, remained a proud member of the Slovene community throughout his life. Alex is a 3rd year undergraduate student at the University of Oxford, studying Archaeology and Anthropology. Alex’s academic passion lies in Anthropology and he hopes to be able to explore Slovene identity in the 21st century during his time on the ASEF programme. He hopes that this research will contribute to a growing interest in the shifting demographics of the region, as well as providing context to contemporary geopolitical tensions. 

As an ASEF Junior Fellow, Alex hopes to make friends with a wide range of people, fostering personal and professional relationships for years to come. Alex intends to pursue entrepreneurship after graduating and is interested in the opportunities provided by Slovenia’s unique geographic position, as well as innovations in industry. 

In his spare time, Alex enjoys spending time in nature and hopes to be able to take full advantage of the sports and scenery that Slovenia has to offer.