Aldana Silvero

Aldana Silvero was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is lucky enough to have learned the Slovenian language with her grandmother who unfortunately had to leave her native country after the Second World War. She studied kinesiology at the National University of La Matanza and graduated in 2019, then worked in a hospital for 3 years as an intern. During those years she had the experience of working in areas such as traumatology, intensive care, and pediatrics. She looks forward to learning new experiences, continuing to build her self-confidence, gaining hands-on experience surrounded by new environments, and reaffirming her passion for kinesiology.

She feels that Slovenia is the ideal place. She dreams of knowing her roots, strengthening her language, exploring the country’s beauty, and learning more about the culture. She is very grateful to ASEF for this opportunity and knows that it will be a great experience to grow personally and professionally.