Rojc Ajda

Ajda Rojc is a student at the Faculty of Chemistry and chemical technology at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She finished her BSc program in Biochemistry and continued with a MSc program at the same department. In the last year of study, Ajda moved to Sweden where she attended a semester at Uppsala University. This year, Ajda will spend the summer in San Francisco where she will work in prof. Matija Peterlin’s laboratory at UCSF. Ajda’s favorite topic in biochemistry is immunology which is also the main research topic of her Master’s thesis. She is excited about working at UCSF as this experience will expand her knowledge and expose her to new opportunities in biochemistry. She is grateful to ASEF for enabling her to pursue this opportunity.

Ajda has been an avid climber for 16 years and after school she works at a local climbing gym where she teaches and coaches children of all ages. She is also a snowboarding instructor, she loves to cook, bake, hike, cycle and travel around, so California is a perfect place for Ajda to be!