Adrián Ruiz Mianovich

Adrián Ruiz Mianovich is an Argentinian biochemist who graduated from the National University of Tucumán in 2021. He worked at Angel C. Padilla Hospital in San Miguel de Tucumán from 2016 to 2021, where he did internship in the areas of bacteriology, hematology, and human reproduction. Currently, he is working at his own private laboratory in his hometown Las Breñas, Chaco with his father, also a biochemist. Since childhood, he participated with the Civil Association of the Slovenian community from Las Breñas, Chaco during the Provincial Immigrant Festival, celebrated every year in November, where Slovenian descendants perform dances, parades, prepare typical meals, and even won first place in countries’ exhibition competition in 2011 representing Slovenia.

He had the opportunity to travel back to Slovenia with his grandmother in 2017 to meet their family in Črnomelj and has kept in touch with them since then. He is infinitely grateful to ASEF for the Fellowship selection and thinks this opportunity to build ties with Slovenian people will be invaluable.