Chemistry and Biochemistry

Kosec Gregor

Gregor Kosec received his BSc. degree in chemistry at the University of Ljubljana in 2001. He continued his PhD studies in a collaborative project between the Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana and San Martin university in Buenos Aires, focusing on new protease families as potential virulence factors in parasitic diseases. In 2008, he joined Acies

Klemenčič Marina

Marina Klemenčič received her Ph.D. in biochemistry in 2013 at the University of Ljubljana under the supervision of prof. dr. Brigita Lenarčič. From 2016 to 2018 she was a post-doctoral fellow at Umeå University, Sweden, in the laboratory of dr. Christiane Funk. After returning to the University of Ljubljana, she became an assistant professor. Her

Godec Vita

Vita Godec received her BSc in Biochemistry and her PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She continued her research at the postdoctoral level as a 2012 UNESCO-L’Oréal International Fellow at the University of Warwick, UK, by studying antimicrobial substances which affect the assembly of bacterial cell walls, which resulted in several

Sarlah David

David Sarlah received his undergraduate degree in chemistry from the University of Ljubljana in 2006 and his Ph.D. from the Scripps Research Institute in 2011. Following a postdoctoral stay at ETH Zürich, he joined the faculty at Illinois in 2014. His research interests span from the synthesis of complex, biologically active natural products and the

Murn Jernej

Jernej Murn is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biochemistry at University of California, Riverside. Prior to joining UC Riverside as faculty in 2017, he was a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard Medical School/Boston Children’s Hospital where he trained with Yang Shi in epigenetics and RNA biology. Prof. Murn completed his Ph.D. in molecular biology

Kobe Boštjan

Boštjan Kobe received his BSc degree in chemistry at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and his PhD degree at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, USA. He worked as a postdoctoral researcher at St. Vincent’s Institute in Melbourne, Australia, where he also started his own laboratory at the end of 1997. In